For great social workers that aren’t great test-takers

This is different. – and it’s just for you – because it’s been designed with ASWB Exam Re-takers in mind

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For ASWB Exam Retakers Only!!


Proof that you are a great social worker. Failing an ASWB Exam has little to do with your skills as a social worker

We will give you what you need to finally figure out what you’ve been doing wrong – and it’s probably NOT what you think it is.

ASWB exams follow a set of rules – You will understand how they are written and learn strategies for dissecting them in ways that actually change everything.

Invest in knowledge

The Mankita Method – Cohort 11

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  • 8-week intensive for ASWB Exam Retakers
  • 16+ hours live on zoom
  • PLUS additional content and question demonstration videos
  • Quizzes to ensure optimal learning.

About “The Mankita Method”

For Social Work Exam Re-takers

Know your Trainer

Susan Mankita
LCSW (She/Her/Hers)
Chief Tool Sharpener
Sweet Grindstone, LLC

“I’ve learned from my one-on-one work with over 700+ really talented re-takers. I’ve walked with them through the struggles AND the triumphs. This method is designed to overcome the issues that impact passing – with your unique needs in mind.”

  • Award-winning Social Worker
  • ​NASW Foundation Pioneer
  • NASW Miami-Dade & Florida Social Worker of the Year
  • ​​ Licensure Prep Trainer, Since 2007
  • ​​​Tutored over 700+ individual Social Workers
  • Immediate NASW Florida Past President (2020-2022)
  • ​​Experienced Educator – Developer of the Mankita Method for Licensure Exam Success


“I suffered from test anxiety, but after having Susan as my tutor and mentor, I was able to pass the ASWB clinical social work exam. Susan spent countless hours patiently teaching me the strategies to prepare for the ASWB clinical social work exam. She helped me take a step outside my fears and believe in myself. This gave me the confidence I didn’t have prior to working with her and the ability to pass the exam. I will forever be grateful for her patience, teaching, guidance, and inspiration. I highly recommend any social worker who is preparing for the clinical social work exam to enroll in her tutoring sessions or courses!”


“I am so thrilled to have LMSW after my name! It wasn’t easy getting those letters but thanks to Susan Mankita, I proudly hang my license in my office. Despite my high anxiety, I am proud to say that I passed the test! I know I would not have the LMSW after my name if it weren’t for Susan and her skill, patience, understanding and ability to make me feel like ‘I could do it.”


“The one thing that made me want to work with her was that she had experience with re-takers, and when I decided to work with her, I was taking the LMSW exam, and she helped me pass the LCSW. Susan taught me to read the questions and become comfortable with my answers. The biggest lesson that Susan taught me was to “Believe in myself” and always to remember that I will pass the exam. I promise if you invest in this program, you will not be disappointed, and you will feel very supported during the licensing journey. I am happy to say since I earned my LCSW, I now own my private practice, and I am a school-based therapist. If I can do it, then you definitely can do it. ”


Sharpen your tools, Love your work!

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