8-week intensive for ASWB Exam Retakers

16+ hours live on zoom
PLUS additional content and question demonstration via prerecorded video

Cohort 11 will start on August 5th, 2024

Every Monday at 7 PM - 9 PM EST via Zoom

Mankita Method 8-Week Course


  • About this Exam
  • Why Re-takers Struggle
  • The Trauma and Anxiety
  • Reading & Thinking
  • Recognizing Unhelpful Guidance
  • The Science of Writing Multiple Choice Items. How Their Rules can Help YOU
  • Parts of an Item
  • Meet the Lead-in
  • How to Study


  • Dissecting the ASWB Item in Front of You
    • Parts of an Item
      • Review Lead-in
      • Scenario
      • Sexy Attractors
  • Reading an Item for Understanding
  • Lead-in Practice
    • Simple
    • Complex
  • Meet the Context Cues in the Scenario
  • Two sets of Twins and a set of Triplets
  • Rules and Exceptions
  • Guided Practice


  • Understanding Time in ASWB Items
    • Now
    • Meet the Timeline
    • From Preparation to Active Listening
  • Managing Should Items
  • Managing Should FIRST Items
  • Guided Practice


  • Learn and Apply the Timeline and Processes
    • From Assessment to Follow-up
  • Meet Should NEXT and Response Items
  • Partial-Total Answer Strategies
  • Guided Practice


  • Managing Next and Response Items
  • Managing the Floaters: Best/Most Questions
  • Two Ways of Starting your Core Question
  • Understanding Qualifiers
  • Guided Practice


  • Review of All the Ways to Understand What the Item Requests of You
  • Practicing with Best and Most
  • Assumer Questions
  • Initially/Primarily Questions
  • Guided Practice


How ASWB does fact question

  • List Items – a 7 step process
  • Generally Speaking Items
  • Fancy Fact Items
  • β€œIs” Items
  • Application of Facts
  • Reasoning Items that Require Facts
  • Guided Practice


Review and Strategy for Taking your Exam

  • Review
    • context cues in the lead-in
    • context cues in the scenario
    • how to take apart and understand the ASWB item in front of you
  • Planning for the days and weeks ahead
  • What belongs on your Whiteboard
  • The final push
  • Test-taking Behavior

In addition to the live classes you will also receive these bonus videos

How ASWB does Ethics (Content and Strategy)

How ASWB does Assessment and Planning (Content and Strategy)

How ASWB does Direct and Indirect, Intervention (Content and Strategy)

How ASWB does Human Development and Behavior (Content and Strategy)